Business owner

The owner of a business in the property industry met with Trilogy to make sure that ‘everything was on track’. Within 30 minutes, Trilogy was able to demonstrate that based on the current structures he had in place, the business, the other companies he had associated with the business, and his succession plan to have his daughter own the business, were all under threat due to a lack of compliance and good business practice.

The business structures he had put in place had been allowed to develop organically, with no decisions being made in light of any larger strategic financial plan. Matters were complicated further with the emergence of a third party that had a 25% interest in the property business, a large personal loan feeding the business, and associated businesses being in his wife’s name.

Trilogy provided advice on restructuring the entire business which included creating a family trust that protected the assets of the property business, enabled a smooth transition for the daughter to own and manage the business, and helped minimise a potentially large capital gains tax liability. The couple’s superannuation account was used in a far more strategic manner, and a series of financial strategies enacted over several years enabled the couple to minimise tax while working within ATO guidelines.

Trilogy discovered a very complex financial arrangement that had overwhelmed its owner. By knowing how the system works and understanding all the legal and compliance issues surrounding business ownership, Trilogy was able to make the existing structure work a lot better for the client while taking away all the risk associated with poor previous management.

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