Single professional

A medical professional consulted with Trilogy Financial Group on strategies that could be used to accumulate and protect their wealth. Whilst the client’s income was high, they were extremely time poor due to long working hours and required much “hands on” assistance. Trilogy quickly identified and implemented three strategies for the client.

Firstly, Trilogy set up a long-term investment plan which involved the client investing monthly amounts using a mix of their own money and borrowed funds. The regular, smaller amount of the investment meant that the clients exposure to investment markets was gradual and allowed them to smooth out daily fluctuations. Further, they were able to work with Trilogy to improve their understanding of investment markets in preparation for lifetime of investing.

Secondly, Trilogy helped the client establish a budget and regular savings plan which is up for discussion every time the client returns to Trilogy to review their progress. This helps ensure that they were not wasting money and makes them accountable for their long-term financial goals.

Finally, Trilogy tailored a tax effective, personal insurance package for the client to ensure that their income and lifestyle were properly protected in the event that something unforseen should happen.