Couple approaching retirement

A couple in their late 60’s consulted with Trilogy Financial Group before selling a vineyard they had owned for many years. The impending sale of the property was for a large sum and they had capital they needed to manage. While there was no capital gains tax liability associated with the sale, it was important these funds were put into a tax friendly environment that would eventually become a tax free environment.

Much of the funds were moved into a self-managed super fund, but with a minimum withdrawal amount required from the account each year, other investment accounts were established. The success of these investment accounts has not only created enough income for the couple to live an extremely comfortable lifestyle but is providing income which is now being distributed to their grown children.

The couple report having tremendous satisfaction in seeing the benefit of this arrangement to the family while they can still enjoy it. They are not just helping the next generation of the family, but seeing those benefits flow through to their grandchildren.

If you are about to manage a large amount of money and you want to ensure the funds are managed wisely and for the long term, make the first step and call Trilogy today to arrange a meeting with one of our adviser teams.